Yacht Keel Corrosion Repair Southampton

Yacht Keel Corrosion Repair Southampton

Symblast was asked if they could repair this old yacht keel in Kemps Quay Marina, Southampton. The keel had severe electrolytic corrosion, so we used grit blasting to remove all the rust and corrosion damage. As you can see in the before images below, the damage was pretty severe and unfortunately, due to the age of the boat, a new keel wasn’t an option, as they don’t make them anymore! 

Was this yacht condemned? 

No, Symblast had the perfect solution – to rebuild the old keel.  

Once the keel was completely clean and dry, we started rebuilding it using solvent-free epoxy filler, which was done over a 3-day period, allowing for each layer to harden. We finally bladed it smooth with solvent-free epoxy to the quality you can clearly see in the finished keel images below. 

If your boat keel suffers from corrosion or needs antifoul removal, contact Symblast today.