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Our recent investment in airless spray equipment now takes our epoxy coating service to the next level. On structures that need to be coated extremely quickly and accurately, our systems enable us to use heavier epoxies. These epoxies used to take a long time to apply by roller, but can now be applied in a fraction of the time. Recent work using this equipment included the refurbishment of the lifting hoist for Portland Marina and the refurbishment of the sewage digester tank lids at Berry Hill, Bournemouth for Wessex Water, both achieving outstanding results.

Case Study 1. – Blasting and epoxy coating work for the Portland Marina hoist

Symblast mobile blasting and epoxy coating in Dorset
Preparing the way for inspection by the customer

Portland Marina in Dorset had a boat hoist badly corroded due to the salty atmosphere. Located inside the shelter of Portland Harbour with a full boatyard, drystack for powerboats, fuel dock plus chandlery, restaurant, café and marine services all on site. Symblast was appointed as the contractors for the blasting and epoxy coating to preserve and protect the underlying structure.

epoxy coating Dorset
Started the blasting to remove the paint

This large hoist was placed in an empty unit on site that could be used for blasting. Firstly, the use of a MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) was required to access all areas safely. The MEWP was used in the removal process and, as in the image, during the application of the epoxy coating.

Epoxy coating the hoist in Portland, Dorset
The finished result

Secondly, the hoist was successfully blasted, which allowed the epoxy primer to be applied by spray. The image shows the hoist after blasting, note how clean, even in the hard-to-reach parts of the pipework.

Finished epoxy coated hoist project
The benefits to the customer

To conclude the structure had three coats of epoxy primer and two topcoats applied, providing a smart, hard, and long-lasting coating that protects the underlying structure. In summary, our work ensures years of service for the customer.

Portland Marina has a long history and was one of the places US troops embarked for D-Day.

Case Study 2. – Steel and Ironwork – Sewage Treatment site at Berry Hill, Throop, Bournemouth, Dorset

This project was to refurbish the lids of the digester tanks, it involved a very busy weekend of grit blasting using 2 blasting units and the following day applying epoxy paint by Airless spray. Looked good too! We eventually blasted and painted the internal structure using our confined space certification.

Wessex Water storage container lids needed refurbishing
Preparing the way for inspection by the customer

We were appointed by Wessex Water to rectify an issue with their storage containers. The surfaces on the containers had deteriorated due to weathering and were slippery, presenting a risk to maintenance personnel.

Epoxy Coating in Bournemouth, Dorset
Started the blasting to remove the paint and apply an Epoxy Coating

Firstly, Symblast grit blasted and cleaned the surface working to Wessex Water HSE requirements. Once the surface was prepared, we applied primer and an epoxy coating to the customer’s exact requirements by airless spray to ensure perfect cohesion and durability.

Workers applying the epoxy coating, working safely at height
The finished result

A clean and anti-slip application was applied to ensure worker safety. We eventually blasted and painted the internal structure. Our confined space certification enabled us to carry out this work and reassured the customer the work would be carried out safely. See the following link for more information>> https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1997/1713/contents/made

Finished epoxy coating on metal lid surfaces in Bourenmouth, Dorset
The benefits to the customer

Long lasting safe and clean surface that makes inspection easier and safer. Wessex Water require the highest level of safety and standards and we are pleased that they use Symblast.

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