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We can refurbish steel and iron

Grit blasting will remove all old paint and rust bringing the metal to a condition whereby paint can be applied. Whether it be the beams of a building such as a barn, old window frames or lamp posts, we can help. Our steel and iron services are backed by our experience and capability of handling your project whether big or small. Furthermore, we have a wide range of blast media to use, so why not give us a call!

Case Study – On the right tracks. Railway buffer refurbished for a railway project in Blandford.

Railway rails ready for grit blasting Dorset
Preparing the way for inspection by the customer

The North Dorset Railway is a heritage railway and we were required to prepare a set of rails and buffers for inclusion in the new visitors’ centre. The rails and buffers needed to be cleaned and coated for display and, of course, look good.

grit blasting rails and buffers in Dorset
Started the grit blasting to remove the paint and prepare for primer

Because the rails and buffers were in an open space, it enabled us to blast the metal and apply the primer without the need for shielding. Furthermore, we could carry out the work quickly and equally importantly, safely.

grit blasting gave stunning results - great steel and iron services
The finished result

As a result, once painted, the finished results looked stunning. What was once a functional set of railway tracks and buffers, were now beautifully presented. These would be for inclusion in the visitors’ centre.

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Case Study – preparing a complex steel stairway for coating

steel rusty staircase ready for grit blasting Wiltshire
Preparing the way for inspection by the customer

If you look at this image, just imagine how much time it would take to clean off all the rust and paintwork from each riser or spindle, let alone the gridwork on the steps.

grit blasting steel staircases in Wiltshire, Dorset & Hampshire
Started the blasting to remove the paint and prepare for primer – the finished result

For us no problem, our blasting systems quickly and efficiently reached every part of the staircase so that a new coating can be applied.

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