Antifoul Removal

After over the last 18 years we have looked at various methods of safely removing antifouling coatings from the bottom of boats, we’ve looked at Dry Ice blasting (Slow, expensive and despite the hype does not give a good finish), Soda (what a flipping waste of space that was-unless you are removing maximum of 2 layers of paint), and others-our conclusion:

There is no better way of removing antifoul than the proven methods of the Southern Blast Ltd team.

Southern Blast Ltd’s blasting methods are fast and 100% effective. The Southern Blast Ltd team work in harmony with boatyards and execute their work quickly and efficiently, tenting up to protect surrounding boats and leaving the perfect, clean finish ready for painting or epoxy coating.

All of the following make Southern Blast Ltd the first and only choice for quality antifoul removal:

  • Professional work ethic
  • Environmentally sound-all abrasives used are approved and have no environmental impact
  • Staff are highly trained, experienced and have CISC certification.
  • High standard of work
  • Good rapport with boatyards due to experience and skill at containing the blast area.
  • Flexible, mobile service
  • Respected and recommended by boat owners and boatyards alike
  • Checkatrade!

It is so important that all jobs are carried out to the best of our ability as this is the key to our business survival and thankfully the Southern Blast Ltd team all work hard to achieve this and once again this can be seen in the Checkatrade comments and results.

If and when a better antifoul removal process is discovered, Southern Blast Ltd would be the first to invest in it.


Why Remove Antifoul

Over a period of years, the bottom of your boat will have a heavy build up of antifoul paint.  This can result in your boats efficiency being significantly marred. It may also hide problems that are becoming prevalent in the hull itself, such as osmosis.
By  removing this layer of antifoul it gives the opportunity to inspect your hull, affect repairs or take preventative action.

Blast System

We can offer a dustless blast method which virtually eliminates airborne debris.  This involves the use of a special blasting nozzle that incorporates a patented wet mist that surrounds the blast and traps airborne dust.