Epoxy Coating

Ok-what we see above here is a yacht being coated with pure solvent free epoxy, we then blade the surface to achieve a glass smooth finish-impressive yes?

This method has a few benefits over a normal roll on finish in that it ensures any faults in the gelcoat are filled with pure waterproof’ unadulterated epoxy (as opposed to filler) and the finish is such that you’d not want to cover it up, follow this 2 or 3 coat system next morning with an epoxy primer tie coat and you’re ready for antifouling or Coppercoating-your choice!

As you can tell this is our passion and if you require advice then why not contact Paul to discuss your requirements.

Southern Blast Ltd even use the above method for osmosis repair and to date we have not had a single boat fail

no filler = no filler to go wrong!

2015 saw the purchase of a GRACO airless sprayer, this machine now enables us to apply epoxies to any surface with incredible speed and accuracy, this has been used with great success on the Portland Marina boat hoist, a 60ft steel boat at Brighton Marina and the insides of a dredger in Poole! we want to use it more so please enquire!!

Oh yes-did I mention Checkatrade!