Like the thought of not having to do anymore than pressure wash your boat for the next 10 to15 years?

Copper Coating can literally save you years of mess, inconvenience and expense whilst seriously safeguarding your investment against the elements.

A water-based epoxy coating containing the highest recommended levels of copper, coppercoat marine antifoul is environmentally friendly whilst at the same time, superbly effective.

Applied with the same precision as any epoxy coating, Copper Coat not only helps protects against osmosis, but because copper oxidises it also effectively repels crustaceous marine life that over time will build up, reducing the efficiency of your hull through the water.

Southern Blast Ltd’s perfected application technique ensures that your hull will be smooth and protected for a very satisfying 10 to 15 years.

And yes I use this on my yacht which I race quite well actually! (and the 2 prior to this one).