Medway Cruising Club-Antifoul removal testimonial

Dear Paul,

I am very pleased with the results and I am sure that many other people from our club will want their boats cleaned off in the future now they have seen the excellent results achieved by your company,

Yours sincerely,

Alan Wallington-Medway Cruising Club

Antifoul removal, prep and Coppercoating of Classic Venture


I would like to express my appreciation for the work done on my boat recently by you and your team.

From the moment I first contacted you I was confident that I would get a good job done.  You kept me informed of the process, carried out the work quickly, ahead of schedule and to budget.  In addition, the standard of the work was better than I could have expected.

As you know I did initially try to use one of the resident companies at Lymington for the work but it was problematic from the word go – they were as much use as a chocolate teapot.  I am very glad I elected to get your company to do the work.

Please feel free to use this email or its contents in your advertising material.

Best regards and thank you for a good job done.


Grit blasting a 60ft steel boat and airless spray application of epoxy

This 60ft steel vessel at Brighton Marina required grit blasting and epoxy coating as its old coatings were old and failing, we arrived at 8am and by 9am were ready to commence grit blasting to remove the old built up paint and rust back to clean metal.

the grit blasting was in preparation for using our new airless spraying unit to apply a low solvent epoxy, by 1pm the blasting was completed and the ground swept ready to apply the paint (we used 2 blasting units as speed was of the essence). 

Airless spraying is carried out at very high pressure and the epoxy is pumped at close to 5000psi, this atomises at the gun and achieves a large fan (about 2ft wide) of paint, application is therefore very quick and the thickness of 200 microns easily achieved. we managed to apply 75 litres of Hempadur epoxy in 4 hours in 2 coats-an incredible achievement.

Masonry paint removal-Preparation for K Rend

This is masonry paint removal, to achieve a guaranteed bond between the brickwork and the K Rend (render) the old masonry paint is totally removed, this method is fast, taking 3 days to completely remove the paint from all four elevations at a very reasonable cost.